Mascot Pony

Pacific Northwest Pony Meet

September 30th 2018, 1 PM - 6 PM | Portland, OR


I love going to the My Little Pony Fair and Convention, but I noticed that this year because it was in Florida, many people on the west coast were unable to attend. I wanted to make an event where MLP collectors (specifically G1 collectors, as there were already plenty of G4/FiM events) in my region could get together to buy, sell, trade and talk about My Little Pony. If it goes well, I hope to do it again in 2019 — bigger and better. ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿฆ„

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For everyone:

For vendors:


If you have a lot of ponies or other merchandise to sell/trade, consider getting a vendor booth. Otherwise, bring some ponies to trade, or just some good ol' fashioned money to spend.

Planning is still in the works, but there will definitely be raffles! And probably some sort of game or trivia contest! Prizes TBD.

I will also likely speak about pony restoration techniques, as that is my jam.


The Pacific Northwest Pony Meet will be held at Taborspace, in the Annex. The best entrance for this room is off of 54th, but you will be able to get to it through any door (and there will be signage).

Parking is available in lot on the NW corner of 54th and Belmont (it's labeled for the church in which Taborspace resides, but is fine for attendees of Taborspace events).

Although a hotel as a venue would have been very convenient for out-of-town visitors, especially vendors, it was not financially feasible. This location is in a great neighborhood in Portland, so if you're unfamiliar with the area, please explore! It's also served by public transportation, TriMet #15, and is a quick car ride from hotels via ridesharing services such as Lyft. Also consider staying within walking distance by renting an Airbnb.